The Elgrian Empire - Adventures in the Cape of Sirens

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Day 1 - The Adventurers meet
A utopian city with a dark past, a missing girl, and expensive liasons

This was the first day our adventurers met: Here’s a little backstory for our PCs:

Malfador and “Tasty Drake” – These two actually met a few years back in the kingdom of Tras de Salais. Drake, a swashbuckling sea captain, was recruiting worthy adventurers for a revenge plot on an ex-business partner and former lover. He stumbled upon a very slick and spindly looking fellow with abilities unlike anything he had ever seen. They took a liking to each other, and Drake payed this stranger, a Dragon Shaman named Malfador, him a generous amount, and set off on a vengeance mission. For months and months they followed the trail, and eventually they DID recover the gold, but did NOT recover Drake’s ex lover. Malfador decided to stay with Drake as he awaits the coming of his dragon lord, Thyraxius, and the two have developed a pretty solid business relationship, though they make an unlikely pair. As adventurers tend to do, they ended up getting into a little bit of trouble when their associates unknowingly executed the daughter of a nobleman. Drake and Malfador were set up, and left Tras de Salais in a hurry, in Drake’s fast ship. They hoped to get some asylum in Stonesong (Years back Drake helped an ambassador get out of a jam, and in return the ambassador promised his aid if it was ever required). On your way, they got hit by a storm off and lost everything in the Cape of Sirens. The ship sank and they were stranded on a small escape boat, along with Drake’s dog, Krimpet.

Charles Tonn, our other proud NPC, has had a relatively tumultuous life. He was a magic user born in a place unfriendly to those of his ilk. His parents disowned him once he started showing a natural affinity for magic. So, at a young age, he hightailed it out of his hometown and ended up getting a scholarship at the mage tower in Iselind. Iselind is an independent island in the Black sea, close to the Elgrian Empire. He studied there for several years years and hardly bumped elbows with some of the least powerful wizards in the land. He considered the mage tower to be kind of podunk and limiting (As there are strict laws for spellcasters in Iselind.) So, he wanted to go to a place that was more accepting. He saved up his money by traveling from town to town, fooling and tricking the townspeople as a way to make quick gold, and boarded a passenger boat called The Bulldog, with the destination of Stonesong, in hopes to travel to Evereach. Evereach is considered to be the unofficial capital of the Western Kingdoms in Elgria, and is known as a mighty magical center, home of famous wizards and sorcerers alike.

Campaign Summary for day 1:

Malfador, Tasty Drake, Charles Tonn, and Drake’s silent but helpful dog, Krimpet, met each other on The Bulldog, a passenger ship that was carrying Charles Tonn from the restrictive island of Iselind. Malfador impressed and intimidated the Captain Hort and his crew with his fire breathing tricks, Charles Tonn swindled free passage with his use of Ghost Sound and Prestidigitation, while Tasty Drake (though he initially had more interest in rowing himself to shore) made nice with the captain and his crew. They were deposited onto the docks. Malfador wreaked some fiery mayhem which startled a few folks, but everyone seemed otherwise unharmed. After some brief introductions, they stumbled into the first tavern they saw, The Soggy Bottle, and met its proprietress Salty Sneed. She was a hairy woman who at first thought Malfador was a jokester, and then had him ejected when she realized he was a seriously dedicated servant to Thyraxius (And attempted to take over the entire establishment). Salty was semi-friendly to Tasty and Charles, who immediately inquired about warm beds and warmer ladies. Salty pointed them to the direction of the Golden Knockers, a pleasure boutique and inn. I supposed that after many days at sea, a pleasure house was in order. They all went to the Golden Knockers and had their way with some of their attractive faire.

Sated, they next headed to The Citadel of Reflection the following day, in hopes of meeting Ambassador Masonais, but were unpleasantly surprised to find that he was executed as a traitor to the realm several years ago. Captain Yvette Bender offered to clear their name and help them out, possibly out of pity and amusement, and asked she asked them to go check on the status of a missing girl reported in the small hamlet of Rock Ridge. Before they left town, they went down to Dargens Dockside Pub, where they met a gnome named Bost. He was impressed by Malfador’s drinking skills and his success with the Big Mac challenge (Drinking a cauldron of ale within 30 minutes, thank those fortitude saves), and seemed to genuinely enjoy the company of newcomers, so he told them a little bit of the darker history of Stonesong. Apparently, fifteen years or so ago, Ambassador Masonai was convicted of conspiring with Drow to summon some kind of demon lord and take over the tunnels and area of The Cape of Sirens. It was thwarted. After Krimpet got some snacks from outside the Inn, they all set out to Rock Ridge. They journeyed on the outskirts of the Sugar Forest, on a small dirt road. Once they made camp for the evening and an appropriate ritual ceremony for Thyraxius was imposed, they all settled down to sleep, except for Tasty Drake, who took first watch. At some point, Drake thought he heard something, and Krimpet ran into the bushes to reveal four lizardtype humanoids poised to strike. Drake raised the alarm, and with some difficulty, managed the party was able to beat down the four lizard creatures. They did find some gems, and an amazingly beautiful magical ring of Lesser Chameleon Power.


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